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What can NIN do for me?

Neighbors In Need was born out of a desire to help our neighbors not being assisted by standard community services.

As a result, each call we get is evaluated by a NIN volunteer to determine if our client can get help from existing community resources, and if not, how can NIN help.


Examples of Neighbors in Need actions in the past:


Providing one-time financial support to struggling families (helping to pay rent, mortgage or a necessary utility bill).

Car Repair

Providing one-time car repairs for safe transportation to work and/or school.


Providing one-time home repairs and/or winterization to get through the cold months in the Flathead Valley.

Bus Tickets

Assisting homeless with bus tickets to locations with relevant services/resources to best serve the individual’s needs.

“My husband lost his job in Kalispell. I’m a stay at home mom with a disabled child. When my husband got a job in Great Falls we were thrilled, but 6 months later I couldn’t afford the entire cost of the U-Haul to join him there. Neighbors In Need paid my remaining U-Haul bill so I could join him. It’s just what I needed when we were in a pretty dark place.” – Jennifer W.

“I work for a local charity in Kalispell. One of my clients who was facing a rare medical disorder applied for financial assistance and was deemed eligible, but by the time his application was processed the funds were gone. I called Neighbors In Need for them. The volunteer I spoke to interviewed me and my client, and determined that NIN could help them through the month by paying their rent until we could get them another grant…Thanks NIN!” – Danni

“I’ve been unemployed for months. I finally got a great job but my car wasn’t at all reliable. My pastor recommended I call Neighbors In Need. After the NIN Volunteer interviewed me they helped me find a car repair shop to help determine the problem and ended up buying me new tires! Thanks Neighbors in Need!” – Robert F.

“Thank you for your donation to reimburse us for bus tickets, a gift of $187.28 to the Flathead Warming Center. Your gift will go towards providing a wam and safe place for people who would otherwise have no other option than to sleep outside or in a place not meant for human habitation.  We are community funded and your support shows. We take care of each other in the Flathead.” – Tonya Horn, Executive Director, Flathead Warming Center

How do I get help?

Agencies or Churches call (406) 752-8181. Please leave a message and an NIN volunteer will be dispatched to interview you. Contact usually comes within 3 days.

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